Timothy Chettle

  • Master of Engineering
  • European Patent Attorney

My Focus

lies in patent grant and opposition procedures in the field of general mechanical engineering.

My Clients

are primarily active in the fields of automotive engineering, hydraulics, and medical engineering. I specialize in steering systems, hybrid powertrains, electric motors, and hydraulic machines.

In my spare time

I like to play music, go jogging, and read.

My training in short

  • Studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London, with focus on vibration, FEA und gas turbine technology.
  • Professional experience in industry as a development engineer.
  • I have been working in the field of intellectual property law since 2012.
You may reach me under phone +49 89-54301-831,
fax +49 89 54301-700, or by mail to Timothy Chettle